This Rhino Is Asking For A Belly Rub, And He Will Not Take No For An Answer

Rhino poaching is a serious problem in the world, and if there aren’t enough people to stand against it, it could very well lead to the end of this endangered species.

Unfortunately, the United States has become one of the biggest markets for products made through Rhino poaching, which means that it is also the place where spreading awareness is the most important.

When this documentary filmmaker was given the job to film Rhinos in their natural habitat, he knew that they were endangered, but he had no idea that these large and intimidating animals could also be affectionate.

In this incredible moment caught on video, a rhino walks up to this filmmaker, and he refuses to leave until he gets a belly rub. This will change the way you see rhinos forever, and if this inspires you to join the fight against rhino poaching, then be sure to share this incredible video with family and friends.

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