Take a Ride Back in Time with 1940s America in Kodachrome Color

Take a nostalgic stroll down memory lane with these old street scene photos from 1940s America. See what it was like to live in this era with classic cars captured on the ‘Kodak Kodachrome’ film.

There is a large, wide shot of the flooded New York streets with trolleys, buses, cars, and people. They are all clamoring inside the long buildings and on the sidewalk of 5th Avenue. Flags adorn every building in the city too.

Another featured location in the pictures includes a small coke shop in D.C. from 1942. The yellow exterior has a small Coca-Cola sign above it. People are walking into the small grocery store next door.

A picture shows a Texaco gas station in 1941. Four classic cars are waiting in an open field with a gas station in front of them. It is small and only has two pumps, and the picture is an excellent reminder of a time gone by.

In Connecticut, kids are dressed formally to watch a parade. In Asbury Park, New Jersey, people are shown sitting on a bench in their ‘Sunday Best’ with a Ferris wheel in the background.

A photo from Times Square in 1949 shows busy streets with people dressed in suits and dresses. Another New York picture from 1940 shows cars and school buses abandoned and covered in snow.

These fantastic colorized photos show glorious parades, snow-covered streets, and many classic cars. They also offer a glimpse of how people dressed back in the 1940s. It is a fascinating, nostalgic look at an incredible era in American history.

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Take a Ride Back in Time with 1940s America in Kodachrome Color