Robot dog serves as your new running buddy

This robot shows a perfect combination of companionship and technology

With the fast pacing technology in our modern era, many are always on the lookout for what’s new in the market. They literally check from time to time on what are the latest trends regarding gadgets and other devices.

Some might be in gaming devices, while others are hooked on the hype of content creations. But regardless of what field you’re in this modern age, it’s safe to say that technology can always make our life and work easier.

However, as modern devices are getting upgrades from time to time, the field of robotics doesn’t want to fall behind. They know as well that they need to keep intact with the competition.

Little did everybody know, there are more robotic technologies that could be useful in our everyday lives. One of those is this new robot dog from a Chinese company named Unitree Robotics.

This robot shows a perfect combination of companionship and technology

This $2,700 robot companion could give you company with your daily morning jogs. They can also help you carry your water bottle and towel to focus on your activity.

They’re also not ordinary robot dogs. They have complete sensory programs that can detect obstructions and owner detection so that they will never leave your side.

This might not give you the complete ambiance of having a real dog. Still, this companion robot is one of the best robotic products you could ever have.

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