What Does Rock-N-Roll Have In Common With A Gorilla?

Friendships are made at times with nothing more substantial than a single common interest and when Flea visited the Gorilla Foundation in California, he didn’t think that this day would be that much more spectacularly different from any other day. Well, he was in for a surprise!

I love the way he looks so chilled out in the video – relaxing while the gorilla happily plays with a bass guitar, fiddling with the knobs and being a curious little thing. Perhaps this gorilla is going to be the next new musical sensation to hit the charts! You never know!

Flea was absolutely kicked about what the famous gorilla Koko was doing with the guitar and commented that this could be the greatest thing that could ever happen!

We agree with him! What do you think? Do you think you would trust a curious gorilla with something you own? Would you even be that relaxed in a gorilla’s presence? I know my knees would be shaking!

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