Rodney Dangerfield has Jackie Gleason in splits with iconic standup act

Rodney Dangerfield and Jackie Gleason

This funny clip features the iconic Rodney Dangerfield on ‘The Jackie Gleason Show’ in 1970. He was one of Jackie’s last guests on the successful show that ran from 1952 to 1970.

Rodney Dangerfield and Jackie Gleason

Rodney does his typical ‘I get no respect’ routine to big laughs from the audience. He starts with his first joke, ‘I remember I was a kid, we played hide and seek…they wouldn’t even look for me!’

Jackie actually stays on stage after introducing Rodney. The two share some banter back and forth and even make a joke together. Rodney asks Jackie, ‘Well, tell me, how do you look so thin?’

Rodney Dangerfield

Jackie replies, ‘It’s not that hard really, just hang around real fat people, that’s all!’ The audience loves it, and Jackie walks off stage to let Rodney continue his routine.

Rodney’s jokes are hysterical, like when he says, “I just broke up with my psychiatrist. This afternoon, I told him I got suicidal tendencies for the first time. He told me, from now on, I have to pay in advance.” He talks about his drinking habits, saying, “When I drink, the next day I have to do two things. I gotta try to locate my car, and I gotta bring back the car I took.”

Rodney Dangerfield and Jackie Gleason

Rodney talks about his hometown in New York. He tells the audience it is a rough neighborhood. He says, ‘I tell you, I live in the only neighborhood. When I plan my budget, I allow for holdup money!’

He says that no one in his neighborhood has respect for the law. He says, ‘Last week, on my block, they raffled off a police car! There were two cops still in it!’ Rodney Dangerfield was one-of-a-kind, and this clip shows his masterful comedic delivery!

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