A Rooster Stands Ready To Crow At Dawn. I Couldn’t Believe What Sound It Made Instead!

There are certain sounds that we associate with animals. When we see a cat, we expect it to do a close approximation of “Meow.” A dog is supposed to go “Woof” or “Arf!” A cow should be saying, “Moo…” and a goat usually says, “BAAAAA!” When an animal makes a different sound than it should, it almost feels like there’s a glitch in the Matrix or something. Take this video of a rooster, for instance.

There’s a rooster standing in a barn. He rears back and lets loose with a… “HAHAHAHA”? Wait. That doesn’t sound right. My ears are deceiving me. He said, “COCKADOODLE DOOOO”, correct? I listen carefully as he takes a deep breath and then, “HAHAHAHAHHA!” OK, that’s twice. Not a coincidence. He’s really laughing. Not quite as creepy as Vincent Price, but fairly close.

This rooster sounds like he could be in the Joker’s gang. He has that kind of laugh. Hmm. Batman had better look out. Can you imagine walking by that place for the first time and hearing that laugh? It’d creep me out, especially if he did it when it was dawn, just before the sun breaks over the horizon. Oh, come on… you can’t tell me you wouldn’t be scared if you heard that laugh in the dark?

I have no idea why this rooster is making a sound like this. Perhaps he heard someone laugh and he’s trying to imitate it. Maybe he has something stuck in his throat. It’s entirely possible that he’s just built this way. It’s not like he can be taken back to the store to have his voice fixed or anything. The other roosters are probably looking at him like, “OK….Weird Hal is out again.” His mommy and daddy likely just tune it out now.

When I first heard him, I thought of a hyena laughing, for some reason. What was your first image that popped to mind? Tell us in the comments section! Also, feel free to “Like” us on Facebook!

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