She Rubs Her Dog With A Blanket. But When She Takes It Off? My Jaw DROPPED!

If you’re entire body is covered in hair, imagine the effect a little bit of static electricity could have on you. If you want to see the hilarious result, check out this furry friend in the video below. There’s a pretty, little, fluffy dog on a chair, just minding his own business. Mom comes over to give him some love and he doesn’t suspect a thing. Pretty soon, Mom starts rubbing the blanket all over him and he’s loving the attention, but we know what’s going to happen!

Static electricity builds up on the dog’s hair and they all raise up like he’s a ghost. Or a porcupine! When Mom stands up, the dog’s reaction is hysterical. He doesn’t understand what’s happening to his fur and why everyone is laughing at him!

He doesn’t even look like he has that much hair until it’s all standing on end. He looks like a pufferfish. This is one of the funniest dogs to hit social media, and he handles the harmless prank like a champ. I am definitely going to try this with my dog!

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