They Ruthlessly Starved This Poor Dog, And Wait Till You See What Happened Next

It is often said that a dog is the only creature in this world that loves you more than he loves himself. They are one of the most faithful companions humans could ever have, but more often than not, these poor creatures don’t get as much love as they actually deserve. Take, for example, the story of Angel. You are going to be in tears when you see this.

Angel is a little dog who was purposely starved. When she was found, the poor thing was almost on the verge of death. The rescuers from “Rescue From The Hart” knew that her survival would need a miracle. Despite that, they decided to take her in and they also made a promise to not give up on her. Wait till you see what their love and care did for this beautiful dog.

Angel seems to sense that these people are trying to help her. They had to feed her a little bit at at time because a lot of food at one time could have killed her. Once she realized she was safe, she began to eat and to trust again. Her soulful eyes will just make you want to take her home with you. She’s so sweet and loving, even after all she’s been through, and she’s making new friends and stealing hearts everywhere she goes.

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