Sara Evans And Adam Levine Totally Nail It In Their Electrifying Crossroads Duet

When Sara Evans and Adam Levine were slated to appear together for popular show Country Music Crossroads, fans were thrilled. This show pairs country music artists with popular acts from other genres.

Levine brought along his band Maroon 5, and together with Evans sang her hit “A Real Fine Place To Start”. Their duet version of this popular song is truly epic. The pair have an amazing onstage chemistry, and their voices harmonize like magic.

“A Real Fine Place To Start” was released in May 2005 on Sara’s album Real Fine Place. It rocketed to the number one slot on the charts and is certified Gold. The song is all about someone being in love, and learning about a person from the beginning, describing it as “a real fine place to start”.

The producers of Crossroads must have been really paying attention when they scheduled these two to sing together. Levine’s tenor pairs perfectly with Evans’ soprano.

Check out this stunning duet in the video below!

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