He Saves His Money For 10 Years To Buy Something Special For Homeless Pets. INSPIRING.

In a small town in India called Pune, lived a man named Balu and his wife. They had no children, and they did not know what to do with their spare time. He had one problem – he was scared of dogs. Then one day, when he was out on a walk, Balu suddenly realised that he should try and pet and talk to a dog and maybe he would overcome his fear.
And all of a sudden, he could pet a dog and his fear was gone. He learnt a very important lesson – face your fears and you will overcome them.
He saved his money for 10 years and eventually he was able to realize his dream : he bought a Maruti Van to transport sick and injured cats and dogs to vets and NGOs for treatment. He decided that whatever he does, it has to have something to do with animals, and luckily his wife is also an animal lover.
In addition to driving the ambulance, he also takes care of sick cats and dogs in his home. He calls it an animal farm as he dislikes the name ‘shelter’. Once the animal has seen the vet, Balu will take them home to nurse them. He charges the owners a minimal amount for this service. He also gives them injections if needed, administers their medication and changes their dressings. He says he has no qualifications, but he has learnt a lot from being around vets.

To earn a living, Balu charges the animals owners about 15 cents a mile to transport the animals. And if he has to keep there for a few days, he charges $4 a day. However, not all people agree with what he is doing. They say the homeless dogs are a nuisance and they do not understand why Balu helps them.

The main thing is that Balu and his wife love what they are doing. Have a look at this video, and maybe someone can start fundraising for Balu’s Dogs? Imagine how happy he would be.

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