When I Saw What The Orangutan Was Doing To This Tiger Cub, I Couldn’t Believe What I Saw!

The animal kingdom is always full of incredible surprises, and you never know what amazing thing will shock you next. Our primate cousins are capable of doing incredible things, and the orangutan in this video is a perfect example of that!

This kind Orangutan appears to have an amazing future ahead of him as an animal babysitter. The orangutan currently resides on the Myrtle Beach Zoo, in South Carolina, and in this place, he has made one of the most amazing and unexpected friends ever. The Orangutan has taken it upon himself to handle the tiger cub, and appears to like his new job, although he seems to have his hands full while doing it.

Watching the staff of the zoo handle the youngster cubs by means of feeding them and playing with them, the Orangutan wanted to do the same thing. So, the zoo staff decided to give the Orangutan a shot at doing the job. The outcome: the Orangutan looks to have bonded very deeply with these cat friends

He also seems to be up for the assignment of feeding one, even as keeping the others happy and entertained. He most likely was competent to handle the playful and energetic tiger cubs with no trouble whatsoever!

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