He Saw This Squirrel Drowning In A Pool. What He Does Next? You Won’t Believe It!

Rick Gruber is a pool repair man in Phoenix, Arizona. One day during work, he saw a squirrel floating in a pool. The little guy looked almost dead. Rick got him out of the water and did an amazing job! He draped the little rodent over a pipe and remembered what he was taught during CPR classes, and then he provided CPR to the squirrel!

After that Rick put the tiny squirrel in a comfortable knee pad and stayed with him for almost an hour. He was glad when he saw the squirrel twitch and come back to life. This rather serious subject of death and drowning has become the source of a few jokes, and even the news anchor had to hide her face because she was laughing at the story.

I’m glad he saved the little guy. He caught it all on tape and we are happy he did! This incident has led his friends to call him some funny names, but he has no regrets about performing CPR on a ground squirrel. They call him the Squirrel Whisperer or the Squirrel Hero! This video also teaches you how to do CPR on a rodent.

So you might wonder what the squirrel did after an hour of resting in a kneepad. Well, he tried to crawl up his savior’s shorts and was not successful, but he said a farewell to the Squirrel Whisperer’s crotch, and ran off into the desert.

Watch this amazing pool guy revive a drowned squirrel in the video below! Let us know how you felt watching it in the video!


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