They Saw Something Strange Swimming In The Ocean. But When These Sailors Went Closer? Oh My GOODNESS!

Mario Di Meglio was heading home with his new puppy when she suddenly fell into the sea. They were on a ferry ride from Naples to the island of Ischia. He alerted the ferry crew about the situation, but the crew rejected him and told him that his dog had probably drowned already. But Noodle was a strong little puppy. Wait till you see what she did!

Noodle swam for almost half an hour in the frigid waters before some sailors yachting off the coast of Italy noticed her. When Noodle spotted them, she paddled towards the boat. The crew pulled their boat closer so that it would be easier to pull Noddle out of the sea. One of the sailors said that the puppy looked visibly shaken as she trembled and wept. Her legs were almost paralyzed by the cold too. They then reunited her with Mario. The ferry company has apologized and has launched an internal investigation into the incident.

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