Scary Footage Shows Giant Wave Crashing Into Cruise Ship As Passengers Look Out Window

Have you ever ridden on a cruise ship? It’s one of the most relaxing experiences out there. A while ago, cruise-ship holiday trips became very popular. If you think about it, a cruise ship really has everything you would need. You get to visit many of the world’s most beautiful beaches, and you can hang out and meet new people. You also get amazing views and moments to cherish.

The cruise ship also features several activities that are sure to keep you entertained. One thing you would not like is to see the calm seas and sunny skies replaced with rocky waters and nerve-wracking moments. This is exactly what some passengers from The Anthem of the Seas experienced.

A massive storm takes place, and this storm causes the boat to be rocked back and forth violently. Passengers are shocked at 30-foot waves and 120 MPH winds. We can only imagine how frightening these moments are turning out for the passengers who are aboard the cruise ship. Some of them feel the urge to film everything they are going through.

One of these passengers is a musician. He is responsible for providing musical performances for the guests and helping them have a fun time. This is not this musician’s first rodeo with rocky waters. He has been in quite a few bumpy rides but has never seen anything like this.

He and some other passengers are in awe because of the massive waves and winds hitting The Anthem of the Seas. One of the men comments on the immense waves that are hitting their windows. As George Costanza would so eloquently put it, “the sea is quite angry on this day.”

These men have no problem admitting that they are very nervous. For anyone boarding a cruise ship, one thing you are never expecting is to go through moments like these. When the weather does not cooperate with you, it can lead to the amazing footage you are about to see.

While this footage might be alarming, there is no reason to think the ship is going to sink. Experts in this subject have analyzed situations like these in the past and believe that there’s very little to no chance of the ship going down.

One thing the ship’s crew should be concerned about is the amount of equipment and furniture that can get damaged due to the vicious waves and gusty winds. Even though waves like this are very rare, they can be quite deadly. Check out the intimidating waves and strong wings rock the cruise ship back and forth. I would not like to be on that ship!

Scary Footage Shows Giant Wave Crashing Into Cruise Ship As Passengers Look Out Window