Sea World’s famous whale is dying. Why is this beautiful creature being left to Die?

SeaWorld has reported that their captured killer whale is not well. They are concerned that he has become listless and spiritless and the animal care teams are worried that his health will decline. He is being treated for a lung infection which is very hard to isolate and cure in captive whales.

Tilikum shot to fame in the movie entitled “Blackfish” in 2013 which focused on SeaWorld’s alleged maltreatment of him and resulted in a huge public outcry. The killer orca is about 35 years old and was captured in 1983 when he was only 2 years old. He has lived in confinement ever since.

While incarcerated, Tilikum has allegedly killed 3 high-profile people. Together with 2 other whales, he drowned their trainer, Keltie Byrne when she fell into their pool. Then later at SeaWorld, a homeless visitor to the park, Daniel P Dukes, who somehow stayed overnight, was found dead in the water in the morning. And in 2010, he grabbed his trainer, Dawn Brancheau and drowned her.

After this, the orca was put in separate pool with his grandson, Trua – a totally alien arrangement for the sociable animals. Concerned officials are saying that his aggressive behavior is as a result of his being held captive when he should be free to swim around the ocean. Other odd behavior such as floating on the top of the pool and biting the sides of his tank are cited as more reasons for his desperation to be free.

Tilikum is still in the clutches of SeaWorld who have helped him to father 21 other calves born in captivity – unfortunately only half of them are still alive……………………..

Wild orcas have never been known to kill humans, no matter how close they have been. More evidence that captivity is not good for Tilikum or any orcas.

And SeaWorld are having trouble with other marine animals dying – one of them Tilikum’s daughter, Uuna.

What do you think – should wild orcas be held captive ? Watch this video and let us know. We are interested in everyone’s opinion. Maybe it will save an orca.

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