Einstein Was Officially the Smallest Foal in The World at Birth and He Is Mighty Cute

It doesn’t matter what situation you’re in; tiny animals tend to be rather adorable. It’s something about the vulnerability; the baby versions of any animal always baffle me. I don’t know what’s so cute about that; maybe it’s the protector that we all have ingrained within us.

We naturally want to protect those that we think can’t protect themselves. To be nurturing and loving to those who don’t have the coordination or ability quite yet. They are still developing and need our attention and care.


April 22nd of 2010 was the date the smallest horse in the world was born. Einstein’s stats really set him apart from the rest. The smallest horse in the world weighs in at 6 lbs. That’s the weight of a few phone books, unbelievable. Standing at a minuscule 14 inches tall, Einstein was born in Barnstead, New Hampshire. Guinness World Records put Einstein in their records as the tiniest colt, but regardless of size or title, he has plenty of energy.

Einstein lives a happy life with his parents, Charles Cantrell and Rachel Wagner, on their farm called Tiz A Miniature Horse Farm. With many different miniature horses to play with, Einstein is quite the lucky guy. His friends and family live with him on the ranch dedicated to the tiny horses that seem to have their own brand of cuteness. Check him out in the video below.