Three Senior Beagles Are Rescued From A Lab And Feel Grass For The First Time! OMG!

We recently learned about how the wonderful non-profit advocacy group Beagle Freedom Project rescued 38 dogs from labs, but this story proves what incredible things they’re continuing to do. According to their website, beagles account for 96% of dogs used for testing in labs. Beagles are an easy target for testing because of their easy going nature, their ability to trust humans and their size.

Sadly, man’s best friend isn’t safe from being locked away for life; even right here in the United States… and the big companies guilty of employing these barbaric practices would surprise you.
That’s exactly what happened to the three sweet dogs in the following story from BFP. At 14 years old, these senior dogs were on their last legs after spending their life caged in a horrific laboratory in South Korea. After months of negotiation, BFP successfully brought the three musketeers, who they lovingly named Alvin, Simon, and Theodore to the United States and let them run free outdoors for the first time in their lives.

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