Senior couple spends their retirement saving abused horses in need of a safe place

Larry and Peggy with rescued horses

Two beautiful souls down in Texas wake early before cockcrow just to serve their hungry horses. Larry and Peggy Neves cook up irresistible meals, leaving the mouths in the stables drooling.

It is a lifework for the senior couple who has dedicated their retirement to the stables. They know these animals need special care; they’ve seen all of man’s cruelty as former detectives.

Scared, beaten, and abandoned, the horses now find solace in Forever Home Ranch. Larry and Peggy talked about the gruesome experiences the stallions and mares had. It was totally heartwrenching.

Larry and Peggy with rescued horses

Shady, a black Appaloosa, was saved from his previous owner, who shoved fence staples in his gum. Another horse was severely beaten with a baseball bat. He barely made it to the ranch.

The violence and maltreatment affected the horses. It was difficult for them to heal from their wounds. Regardless, the Neves’ healing hands and golden hearts have seen them through.

People thought the horses wouldn’t make it. Well, it is over two years, and they are living their best lives. The best food and hoof trimmings services are available in the five-star ranch.

The Neves have been appraised by vets and other horse lovers in Texas for their rehabilitative effort. They’ve shown the world why these creatures need love, care, and protection from human violence.

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