Senior women are unrecognizable after easy-to-replicate makeovers

First up in this makeover challenge is Robin from Ohio. She’s 65 years old with shoulder-length strawberry blonde hair and a pinkish hue to her skin. Robin wears all black before her transformation. She says she hopes to feel striking, distinctive, and gorgeous. She comes through the curtain looking just that.

Christopher has boosted Robin’s hair to a full-fledged red, which brings out the beauty of her natural skin tone and eyes. He’s given her full bangs and kept her hair just above her shoulder. Instead of her nondescript black shirt, Robin now wears an olive green romper with long sleeves and pants.

“This is wonderful,” she remarks with newly gained confidence. “I’m speechless.”

Annette from Phoenix, Arizona, is next. As she comes through the curtain wearing camel-colored pants and a leopard print jacket, Annette immediately exclaims, “I feel wonderful!”

Christopher achieves her desire to be classy and stylish. Annette says she feels enticing without looking trashy.

Susan from Jasper, Georgia, is also 65 years old. She explains that on the inside, she still feels like a little kid and young at heart. She hopes to come out classy, original, and polished.

In Susan’s reveal, she wears a sweater, a full-length skirt, and boots. Her hair is frosted with blonde highlights, and her makeup is golden. Beautiful job, Christopher.

Last is Linda, also from Phoenix. She wants to become stylish, sophisticated, and stunning, and the MAKEOVERGUY hits this one out of the park.

Linda emerges in a full-length eggplant-colored dress, and black sweater. She wears full evening makeup as if she’s ready for a night on the town. This lady does not look even close to sixty-five.

Way to go, MAKEOVERGUY; fantastic job on these makeovers!

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Senior women are unrecognizable after easy-to-replicate makeovers