Sephy Francisco shakes ‘The X Factor’ singing male and female parts of ‘The Prayer’

Sephy Francisco ‘The X Factor’

The X Factor is a reality tv music competition from the United Kingdom created by Simon Cowell. The show has offered the world many talented artists such as One Direction and Little Mix.

Like any other reality tv show, The X factor is a music competition filled with unforgettable moments. Bad auditions, crying contestants, and over-the-top judges it has something for everyone.

However, in a musical performance, nobody saw coming, vocalist Sephy Francisco surprised all, even the renowned Simon Cowell, as she sang a fabulous rendition to a timeless duet during her audition.

Sephy Francisco ‘The X Factor’

The then 27-year-old singer from the Philippines, stunned the judges as she unexpectedly performed a duet, by herself, to the song ‘The Prayer.’ The incredible moment arises when she perfectly interchanged between the female to the male parts.

‘The Prayer’ is a famous song performed by Canadian singer Céline Dion and the Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli, which came as a surprise when Francisco could sing both soprano and tenor parts in the song.

The Filipinos duet was met with high regard, and Simon Cowell even stated after her audition that it was the first time for him to have ‘judged a duo as one person.’

The performance by Francisco on The X Factor, showed her musical and vocal diversity. While also exemplifying the range and dynamism that a single voice can have while singing. It certainly made for an impactful performance.

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