They set up a night camera to catch a stray dog, when they check the dogs microchip? WOW!

In July 2014 some of the residents of Clarksville, Tennessee, noticed a stray dog wandering around the neighborhood. It was a sad but not uncommon sight that they had seen before, so they thought very little of it.

But this Australian Shepherd stayed around the town for 17 months. Dubbed ‘Patches’ by the townsfolk, many people in the town left food and water out for the dog. They tried to catch him but the dog was incredibly shy and wouldn’t let humans anywhere near him.

The dog was not merely homeless, he was also injured. His collar had somehow been wrapped around one of his legs. Eventually they were able to get animal control to come out and use their resources to capture the dog. They used hunting cameras to track the movement of the dog, watching him for four days until they attempted to catch him.

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