These Shirtless Firemen Will Make You Feel So Hot That You`ll Need Someone To Shut You Off!

Well, you will not need to go to leave your contribution to help animals in need or call 911.  All you need to do is take the decision and donate.  These shirtless firemen will go for your donation of $20 to the door of your house!  All the effort you will make by calling, will help the Charleston Animal Society.

It is time to help again this wonderful pet shelter, the same one that helped last year the Pit Bull that was found with his mouth covered and sealed, without being able to breathe. This help can be done by ordering your 2017 Charleston Firefighter calendar. You will be helping and you will not regret it.

All funds raised will be destined to help the Charleston Animal Society, so that they can give better treatment and care to animals that have been hurt, which if they were for them, would not have any chance of surviving. Last year, the sale of calendars was incredible, and left profits of approximately $ 600,000, which were destined to the association.

This amazing institution, the Charleston Animal Society, is responsible for treating many animals throughout the year. Without this calendar, there would be no funds needed to meet the needs or to save animals lives, says Caroline Toepperwein, who is the executive producer of this calendar. “Every time you decide to buy this Fire Fighters Calendar, you make the decision to help us and save lives. It works that way,” she says.

For this year, we have included in the calendar, 15 different pets, all beautiful, and also we include Caitlyn. Most of these pets already have a home to live in.

In addition to the 15 pets, the calendar includes 15 handsome firefighters, who for the misfortune of many, already have a home! But don’t get sad… we have good news too! During the debut party on October 1st, then, although firefighters are not available for adoption, you can take one for a date!

Remember that for $ 20 you can purchase the Charleston Firefighter Calendar, and if you add $ 10 more, you can take it autographed. Also, if you want to customize your room and hang a poster, it will only cost you $ 45.

Look this cute video and find more information about the calendar.  Leave your thoughts on the comment section.  We love to hear from you!

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