Simon Cowell Has 12-Year-Old Girl Sing Three Times in One Audition

Out of all of the judges that have appeared on television talent shows, Simon Cowell is known to be the most critical. His notes and harsh critiques on American Idol gained him a distaste from the general public, but on America’s Got Talent, things changed.

Simon is the genius behind iconic bands like One Direction. He’s well-versed in the music industry and now focuses on giving helpful, constructive criticism to Hollywood hopefuls. Recently, a 12-year-old girl experienced this firsthand.

Ashley Marina stepped out on stage with eager excitement to show off her incredible talent. Even though the audience loved her first song, Simon stopped her and asked her to sing something a cappella to let her voice shine truly.

When the a cappella tune wasn’t good enough, Cowell asked her to come up with a different song yet again. Marina was persistent and chose to sing a tear-jerking original song dedicated to her father. Needless to say, Simon didn’t stop the young starlet from singing her heart out a third time.