Simon laughs when this gospel singer walks on stage, but when he starts to sing…

Simon is one of the toughest judges, if not the toughest judge in the “Got Talent” series. He never sugar-coats any criticism. He is as blunt as they can get…

So, if you are auditioning and did not prepare well enough, he will surely be letting you know. But one thing that I do admire about him is the fact that he has a great eye for talent. Sometimes Simon’s “talent radar” is off and he misses potentially great performers like this one. He came around though — and pretty quick!

He is able to find diamonds in the rough and turn them into huge stars almost overnight. He is very strict, but he is also very supportive of the talent he discovers. Many young artists know that if they have Simon in their corner, they will probably be very successful. He gives the show more than a reality check. He reminds the audience that he will not be settling for any less than the very best.

The other judges also give the show a great touch. There have been many great judges over the years, from Lionel Richie to Steven Tyler, they share their expertise with the contestants and have also given them a few tips for success. This is why every time I want to relax and enjoy a little bit of ‘me-time’, I turn on the TV and switch the channel to the show.

America’s Got Talent is probably my favorite one of them. Why? Well, because of all the extraordinary talent they showcase on the show each week. This show also believes in diversity and this is something that I like as well. I have seen all sorts of performers on this stage. From dancers to comedians, to great singers. This show has it all!

I came across one performance that really impressed me. His name is Patrick George and he shocked the audience with his incredible ability to sing gospel music. His performance was like a blast from the past, but it is definitely worth watching, not only for the musical prowess but because this gentleman was able to prove Simon Cowell wrong.

When this gentleman introduced himself, everyone was pretty much expecting some sort of sarcasm from Simon and sure enough, Simon delivered. When the judges asked him what he was about to do for them, the man said that he was a gospel choir. Now, the only one on stage was the contestant himself, so Simon obviously questions him about the rest of his team. Simon does not appreciate the answer but decides to give him a chance anyway.

At the end of his performance, he shows Simon, the other judges and the audience, what he meant by a gospel choir. You are going to want to grab a chair for this one!

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