Very Friendly Cockatiel Sits Down At Piano — Stuns Everyone With His Next Move

Cockatiel Many of us do not think of birds as intelligent creatures. Thankfully, Poko the Cockatiel is here to prove us wrong. In this video, we are able to enjoy a touching moment as Poko sings his little heart out while his Dad plays the piano. It is really quite amazing to watch.

Right away, you can sense that Poko is enjoying himself and has rehearsed this many times with his father. The gentleman plays a soft ballad on his keyboard. He pauses after every few notes to allow Poko to lead by singing. What is amazing is that Poko varies the sound, pitch, and pace of his voice to match the melodies being played on the keyboard.

Cockatiel on keyboardPoko is merrily singing the theme song for ‘My Neighbor Totoro.” This is a very popular anime series on YouTube featuring a big, lovable animal called Totoro.

Without a doubt, it is obvious that Poko has an excellent memory and listening abilities. How many of us humans still struggle to carry a tune? Yet this little Cockatiel can make harmonious music with ease.

I am especially impressed that Poko appears to be rocking and enjoying himself. He even looks over at his father a few times as if enjoying his approval. Poko knows he has done well! What a beautiful bond these two share. It is truly heartwarming to watch them both perform.

Thankfully, this is not Poko’s only video. There are a number of other performances on YouTube and he seems to be having a great time is every single one of them. My dog has just learned to fetch a ball, and Poko is here learning how to sing the blues. Aren’t animals amazing?

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Very Friendly Cockatiel Sits Down At Piano — Stuns Everyone With His Next Move