He Was Sitting Alongside His Mom. Now Watch What Happens When This Baby Monkey Sees That Rope!

The video given below is one of the cutest things I have seen in my life! We know how curious babies are about their surroundings, whether it be human babies, or animal babies. You are going to melt when you see the hilarious antics of this tiny baby monkey featured in the following clip! I can’t handle all this cuteness!

This little monkey is really fascinated and interested in a rope he sees. But wait till you see him try his hand at making his way down it! He seems really happy and excited about his new toy, doesn’t he? I can’t stop myself from smiling from ear to ear!

His mom is close by, but she’s letting him explore the rope and discover it on his own. First he chews on it, then he hangs from it. But it’s not long before he figures out he can climb it! The music that is playing is “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and it’s a perfect choice. Once he grabs on with all fours, he can make his way up and down the rope in no time.

The rope is just at the perfect level for this tiny monkey. Even if he falls, the ground is right beneath him and he won’t get hurt. The rope is in this enclosure for a reason, actually. By climbing on it, the baby monkey’s strengthen their fingers, toes, and limbs and learn a very natural behavior that can help them to get around, feed themselves, and even survive in the wild.

Watch this adorable little monkey in the video below! Have you seen anything this cute? Let us know what you thought about this video in the comments section!

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