Six-Year-Old’s Dance Routine Will Leave Your Jaw On The Floor

The sheer level of precision and control exhibited by six-year-old Ella Dobler in this sensational captivating competitive solo is sure to turn anyone into a fan. Her routine entitled ‘Departure’ set the performer apart as one of the most gifted artists of her era.

Little Ella Dobler shows mindblowing dexterity and the control of a performer many times her age as she impresses with each and every move making up a part of the beautifully choreographed ‘Departure’ routine seen here.

Contemporary dance solos are known for their impressive displays of timing and interpretative dance, but even the most legendary artists ever known would be proud to put on a show like this striking emotional showstopper.

With flawless technique, superb technical ability, and flow carrying emotion and meaning, Ella Dobbler claimed the limelight. This dance won her 1st Place Overall Petite, 1st Place Platinum, and a technical excellence award.

Six-Year-Old\'s Dance Routine Will Leave Your Jaw On The Floor