Soldier Looked After Those Three Stray Dogs. Now Watch When A Bomb Goes Off! WHOA!

Dogs are said to be man’s best friends. The Internet is filled with many videos proving this statement. The story below is one of them. Wait till you see what these three previously stray dogs did for their soldier friend!

Sgt. Chris Duke was serving in Afghanistan when he made friends with Rufus, Target, and Sasha. He fed them and took care of them. So they were very close to Chris and hung around the base where he and his pals took care of them. But it was Chris who they were closest to.

One day, a suicide bomber tried to attack his base. When the dogs noticed the suspicious person, they did their best to stop him themselves. They attacked the intruder and this forced him to detonate the bomb before even entering the base. What brave pups these guys were. Amazing.

Thanks to these brave canines, all the 50 soldiers survived that night. Sadly, Sasha, the youngest pup couldn’t survive the injuries. But Rufus and Target were nursed back to health. One month later, Sgt. Duke had to return home, and when he got there, he started a campaign to get both of the dogs to the US.

A Facebook page was started, and $21,000 dollars was raised. The pups came to the US and Duke met them at the airport, still in disbelief. Target went to live with another soldier in Arizona, but Rufus will stay with Duke.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think of this dog and his human reunited in the comments section below.

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