The Laughed When He Sat Down at The Piano, But When He Started to Play—

This awesome spectacle out of Britain’s Got Talent started out innocently enough with a solo pianist Nicholas Bryant walking across the stage. He introduced himself as an employee in some form of investment banking, all the while giving the impression of a nerd who would play the piano every chance he got.

The judges were like, blah! And the audience probably thought the same. And then he started to play the piano – he’s pretty good. We only begin to suspect something was up when a violin was heard and the stylish violinist walked across the stage.

Bang! It was a flash mob of orchestral musicians. Entire wind, string, and percussion sections rise up out of the audience in the orchestra level of the concert hall. The judges turned all the way around, stunned! Then Nicholas launched into a piano concerto mode and the judges had to swing back around, now facing the stage with open mouths. There’s still more to come.

The audience members in entire front rows of the balcony stood up and launched into a choir. All in all, this has the aura of a world premiere performance of the Beethoven Choral Symphony. It’s a spectacle of devastating effects. Absolutely awe-inspiring!

After all, is said and done, this was probably staged with prerecorded choral and symphony sections, but it’s an awesome spectacle nonetheless for the illusory larger-than-life effects of reality TV. Loving it!

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The Laughed When He Sat Down at The Piano, But When He Started to Play—