Someone Filmed A Hummingbird Sitting Still. When It Did This, I Was FLABBERGASTED.

Hey, remember that photo that was circulating all around social media earlier? The one with the dress where some said they saw it as blue and black and others saw it as white and gold? The one that made you want to rip out your eyeballs, since this made you question EVERYTHING you had ever seen in your life? Well, you could say the same for this close-up of a hummingbird.

The video’s simple. It shows a hummingbird’s head, close-up. He’s not flying. Instead, he’s just sitting there looking around. It’s when he moves his mind that you feel like your mind is being played with. The colors of its feathers change dramatically from a purplish hue to a black one to a black/purple combination. This may make me sound like a geek, but some of the patterns on the feathers, especially when they are black, make it look like when the alien symbiote takes over Spider-Man. I SAID THAT IT MAKES ME LOOK LIKE A GEEK, OK?!

It’s amazing. I’m not sure if it’s for camouflage purposes or if it’s just decorative. To me, a bird who can beat its wings 70 times a SECOND doesn’t need to hide. If a predator gets close… “Oh… were you trying to catch me? Too bad. I’m over here. No, wait. Over here. Too late! Over here! Hahaha.”

I love looking at how nature can do things like this. If I want to change the color of my face, I have to hold my breath… see… red, purple… blue. Phew. This bird can change its colors just by moving its head. That makes it on par with a chameleon, to me. Though I do wonder if a cosmic entity isn’t messing with our heads by using a super-advanced version of Photoshop…

This video’s amazing. I want a hummingbird. Having one would probably drive my cats crazy, though. What do you think? Leave a comment below!

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