Something Incredible Happens After This Woman Lets Her Parakeet Play With This Grocery Store Egg

We all know the exciting feeling of bringing a new toy home for our pets to play with. We can’t wait to see their curiosity and excitement, and their excitement often turns into our excitement. At first they seem confused by the new object. Then, the confusion slowly starts to shift into intrigue and curiosity. Finally, they are filled with exhilaration at having this new and incredible toy to play with. The end result is often joy and happiness for everyone involved.

Sometimes, it isn’t even a toy that we bring home. Sometimes we just see a random object and wonder how they might react. For some reason, our curiosity gets the best of us and we just have to bring these new objects home and watch our furry little friends investigate. We just need to know what they will do next.

When this woman passed by quail eggs at the grocery store, she became curious as to how her pet parakeet might react. She bought some and brought them home to see what would happen.

Her parakeet seemed very interested, but then suddenly, grew very protective and would not give it back. It was almost as though some kind of maternal instinct was taking hold of her parakeet. Suddenly, this egg was the most important thing in the world, and it was her parakeet’s duty to protect it at all costs. After a few days of guarding the egg, the woman returned to check on the parakeet, what she found was so incredible, she just couldn’t believe what she saw.

You’ll just have to see for yourself what this woman found when she checked on her parakeet a few days later. Let us know what you think, and if you thought this was as strange and incredible as we did, then be sure to share this with family and friends.

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