Soothe Sugar Cravings With Johnny Cash’s Mom’s Delicious Pineapple Pie

Whether it’s a recipe you’ve made yourself or if it’s something that’s been passed down through generations, cooking and baking can lead to some delicious creations. If you’re looking for a tropical treat, you should make Johnny Cash’s own mother’s scrumptious pineapple pie.

While Cassie Cloveree was the loving mother of one of the most iconic country music legends of all time, she was also outstanding in the kitchen. It was common for women back then to hand down their recipes to their daughters, but Cassie handed her recipes to her nephew’s wife.

Now being published in a book called Favorite Recipes From Mama Cash’s Kitchen, everyone can make this delightful dish. You can make this famous dessert with the things you already have in your own pantry, and you don’t need to be a talented baker to do so.

You can use a handmade or store-bought crust to start as your base. This recipe is also so versatile that you have the option of using a stand mixer, hand mixer, or doing it yourself. Cassie’s refreshing pineapple pie goes perfectly with a glass of sweet tea or a fresh cup of coffee.