She Had A Special Wish To Santa, And Watch How She Reacts When It Gets Fulfilled

During the Christmas season, children dream of finding their favourite toys under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning, delivered by Santa through the night. They ask for all sorts of toys, games, even clothes or electronics. But sometimes, to some children, they have more important things to wish for that have nothing to do with playing. In this next clip, you will meet a little girl who just had one thing she wanted to find on Christmas morning, and she didn’t care if it was under the Christmas tree.

This little girl in the video is named Madison and her dad is in the army and sometimes he is gone for many months serving his country overseas. She knows what her daddy does is important, but that doesn’t make her miss him any less.  This little cute girl wanted a single thing for Christmas and that was for her army daddy to come home, and she didn’t care if Santa brought him or if he just bought a plane ticket. Children love to have their wishes fulfilled in Christmas, and sometimes, their wishes really are granted, no matter how unusual they are.

This little girl had asked Santa for a Christmas gift in the hope of getting her wish to have her daddy back home fulfilled. Watch this video to see what this little girl does when Santa fulfils her wish by bringing her dad back to celebrate Christmas with her.

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