St. Bernard gets stuck in ditch for 18 hours, but hero dachshund refuses to let him die

This was quite the case of role reversal. When you think of a St. Bernard, you probably picture one of the giant dogs bounding off to rescue an avalanche victim, complete with a miniature barrel of brandy attached to his collar. Here it was the St. Bernard who was rescued… by a dachshund!

Jazzy, 180 pounds of lovable St. Bernard, escaped from his home in Belen, New Mexico, and as many dogs would given such an opportunity, ran off on an adventure. The problem with adventures is that they don’t always go well. Poor Jazzy ended up stuck two feet deep in the mud at the bottom of a ditch. Strong though he was, he faced the problem of being too much dog to be able to get himself out of the predicament.

Fortunately, Jazzy has a friend who looks out for him, a handsome little dachshund named Razor. Needless to say, there was no way Razor was personally going to get his roly-poly friend out of the ditch, but but what he could do was fetch help. As their human dad Tim Chavez recalled, “I went to feed him and he was kind of going crazy trying to get my attention.” Chavez was about to leave for work, but Razor kept trying to get his attention. When that didn’t work, the dachshund tried barking at a neighbor. “He noticed Razor was kind of running amok and just causing a scene, trying to get his attention.”

Eventually, Razor the hero dachshund ran off toward the ditch and was noticed by a passerby who summoned help once he saw what was going on. Jazzy, who had been in the ditch for about 18 hours, was so big that his rescuers had to use backboard straps and a long spine board, just like they would have if he’d been a person!

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