Il Divo Singing ‘Amazing Grace’ Will Leave You with Chills

Amazing Grace would be the most iconic and beloved hymns of modern times. This beautiful song has been performed by countless artists, each providing their unique stamp on their version. There are few people that haven’t heard any version of this emotional hymn. It would be hard to select a favorite version of Amazing Grace, but the one in our video would definitely be in the running.

Il Divo, a multi-national classical crossover vocal group, performs at a stunning setting in Croatia. Created by Simon Cowell, Il Divo has seen success from its very beginning in 2003. This all-male quartet comes from Switzerland, Spain, USA, and France – bringing the most extraordinary voices to create a powerful sound.

Amazing Grace is one of the songs performed at the Coliseo Roman of Pula, on the coast of the Adriatic Sea of Croatia, filmed live for a special DVD recording. The background and performance are breathtaking.

This version of Amazing Grace will no doubt be added to your favorite list; at the very least, you will watch it more than once. What an empowering and beautiful performance. Il Divo and their talent are on full display in this video.

Il Divo Singing \'Amazing Grace\' Will Leave You with Chills