He Started Singing In An Empty Church, But What Happened Next Left Me Crying! So Beautiful!

Peter Hollens has been involved in a cappella music since he was only 17 years old. He, along with a friend, founded the University of Oregon’s a cappella group called “On the Rocks,” which was also the first collegiate a cappella group in Oregon. He has accumulated a lot of fans over the years and he regularly uploads new music videos on his YouTube channel as well.

The following video features Peter’s newest Christmas release for this year. Hollens sings a mind-blowing rendition of “Mary Did You Know.” You are definitely going to be in awe when you witness this amazing one man a cappella for yourself! I always loved Pentatonix’s take on this timeless classic, but Peter’s cover is now my favorite!

What makes this rendition truly unique is the Peter Hollens is joined by himself! Over and over again! He sings lead, backup, and even makes music with his voice. I’m not sure how this video was made, but it looks like Hollens sang each part individually, and then with the miracle of editing, it all came together so that it looks like there are six of him, and he is singing, harmonizing, and making music. Amazing.

This rendition is sure to make you think about the true meaning of Christmas and how this holiday came to be. Peter Hollens’ voice and the setting are just perfect for making us feel all warm and fuzzy, and also thankful, for this holiday season.

Watch this incredible version below! Did you enjoy this heartrending version? Let us know what you thought about it in the comments!

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