Stop Purchasing Tomatoes. Here’s How to Grow a Never-Ending Supply of Delicious Tomatoes at Home

Tell me if you run into this same issue at the grocery store. You start out in the produce section and start to find great deals on fruits and vegetables that are on sale that week. Quickly, you go overboard and can’t help but buy way more fresh produce than you can ever use. By the end of the week you wind up throwing out way too much of it and turns out those sale items didn’t save you any money at all.

Then you go through the guilt of throwing away the fruits and vegetables that you didn’t get to in time before they rotted. Worry not, if you have some old tomatoes, there is a method by which you can create your own personal and long lasting supply.

You can easily turn those old tomatoes in to so many seedlings that you will have the new problem of what to do with all of your new produce! Below is a video by The Wannabe Homsteader. In it, you will learn that with very few supplies, such as soil, a pot, and an old tomato, you can easily grow your own.

Fill a pot with some compost. Then cut an old tomato into quarter inch slices and place the slices on top of the compost. Finally, cover them up with some top soil and simply water them. You will have 50-60 seedlings in just 1 to 2 week. I told you, you’ll have to soon deal with the problem of having too many. Time to do some thinning. Next? You might have to do some research on doing your own canning!

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