10 Handsome Guys Start Singing Christmas Jingle. When They Start Dancing, the Crowd Goes Crazy

Straight No Chaser - Christmas MusicSome Christmas shows instantly trigger feelings of nostalgia while some are so silly, we can’t help but laugh out loud. This vintage Christmas performance by the famous group “Straight No Chaser” checks all those boxes.

The crowd breaks out in appreciation as the singers in the group start the can-can kick as part of their Christmas medley celebrating the religious, the spiritual, the joy and the shopping of the Christmas season.

At first, a few of the singers kick up their heels in the can-can but soon most of the group joins in delighting the crowd with their frivolity.

It’s amazing how they can keep perfect pitch and tempo with each other, WITHOUT any music or instruments to help them!

Thank you Walter Chase for composing a unique rendition of the can-can for the Holiday season. Straight No Chaser has delighted us again with the Christmas can-can carol in a multicultural Christmas a Capella style. However, the group not only sings but dances too.

Straight No Chaser began as a group of college friends who enjoyed singing a Capella. They quickly rose to success in 2006, released some albums and were viewed by more than 20 million people on YouTube.

We welcome their return with this riotous performance of an innovative Christmas jingle, just in time for the Holiday season.

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