A street singer reaches out to a special needs child. What he does next will leave you in tears!

If you could choose whether to be a great person or a famous celebrity, which one would you pick? Tough one, right? I mean, say that being a great celebrity came with all the perks. You know, trips, fame, making all your dreams come true, forgetting about thinking about money or how much something costs before buying it for the rest of your life. Tempting, huh?

People say that fame changes everyone, and I believe it does. In some way, it magnifies the type of person you already were. So, let’s say you were a very nice guy, then it turns you into an even nicer guy. Don’t think it’s possible? Just remember Elvis Presley. He was known for being extremely generous. Of course, he was aware of the great fame he had, but that didn’t change him one bit.

There were stories of him giving out Cadillacs to people, just because they had complimented him on them when they were on the street. He also gave people very expensive jewels that they would end up selling and pawning to get out of a tough situation. He was generous with both men and women and never turned a fan away that had asked him for an autograph.

He was one of those celebrities you wish there were more of. But he isn’t the only one who has become famous for his generosity. Many other celebrities like Sir Elton John have also made headlines for their relentless charity work they do, and the large sums of money they give out every year. Charity work is only a fraction of the work they do for others, but that they don’t like it to be made public.

There have been other celebrities that do wonderful things for other people, but that like it to make it more personal. Celebrities like Ashton Kutcher, who besides the charity work he does, likes to visit fans who are bedridden to give them a few words of hope. You might think he does this to gain publicity, but if he prefers to do it when there are no cameras around. Now, that’s something.

There are other people that get to surprise their young fans with special requests. Such is the case of this next fan. She is a special needs child that has been a huge fan of this street performer you have heard about. His name is Jenny Sway. He is very big on social media platforms and even has a few YouTube mixes ready for you to listen to. His great human quality is amazing and has a golden voice to go with it. Watch how he shows just how a wonderful being he is, when he is approached by a fan with special needs. You won’t want to miss this!