A Subject That May Hit Too Close to Home. This is One Social Experiment That’ll Break Your Heart!

It’s not easy to serve your country with the military. It appears in all the cases during a war the people didn’t agree with tends to leave vets out of sympathy. They were just following orders, but where do we draw the line? There are many that respect the military for the protection of the country, yet in the same token, disagree with who they fight against. Many vets came back from Afghanistan or Iraq and something just never got put straight. Never really felt like we won. Yet, many vets still came back and some were jeered. Some were applauded and others found the only friend who supported them in a brown paper bag.

One social experiment that was constructed challenged a lot of the controversy behind military members. They helped defend our country and our nations honor, they helped secured what (little) liberties we have left. They put their lives on the line for this country.

So, when interacting around strangers in a grocery store, in full uniform, the control decided to take an interesting approach. To have the soldier come up short on his groceries near complete strangers. It helped reach a consensus of the overall feeling of the military, maybe. I think most of all, it showed that we are all people. We all have struggles and no one can get through life without a few struggles. But the craziest part of the experiment, you must see for yourself!

What did you think? I thought it was interesting, many people have kind hearts even in these tough times.
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