Sully The Saint-Bernard Loves Hugging His Human!

I am huge fan of big Dogs, I think many of us can agree that there is something endearing about their clumsiness and all-around noble demeanor. Great Danes and St. Bernards are some of the most popular breeds amongst large dogs. St.Bernards, in particular, have a very positive reputation! With a history of being used to help sick and lost people, it is obvious that have more than their whole weight of love to give to their human friends!

Often termed as giants for their colossal size, these amazing dogs actually have the most gentle, calm, and friendly temperaments.  Over the years they have been adopted as family pets too and the story that we have to share with you is a perfect example of what makes them so unique as furry companions!

Meet Sully the St. Bernard and, as you will see, there is nothing that he loves more that his human. Whenever his dad comes back from a long day at work, Sully always receives him with a hug.  In the video below you can see one of these occurrences, the big doggy is absolutely happy to squash his human under his loving hug!

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