Sunlight Refracting Through A Hummingbird’s Wings Is A Gorgeous Sight

Artist and photographer Christian Spencer was recently able to capture the amazing sight of sunlight refracting through the wings of a Black Jacobin Hummingbird. In this slow-motion footage, he shares how the hummingbird’s iridescent wings make light break into a myriad of colors, creating beautiful moving rainbows with every flap of a wing.

Nature photographer and artist Christian Spencer was enthralled one morning when he saw the sunlight on his Rio de Janeiro veranda refracted through a hummingbird’s wings. He filmed the beautiful bird, adding to the footage to a film he later entitled “The Dance of Time.” The film is all about the wondrous beauty of creation.

Many find these images hard to believe. “There is no special technique,” Spenser explained, “just diffraction of light through the wings of this special hummingbird. Nobody ever could have ever dreamed that this was a reality. I receive emails every day from people across the world touched by these images.”