Superstars Josh Groban and Jennifer Nettles Sing Emotional Live Rendition of “99 Years”

There is never a shortage of love songs on the radio. It’s one of the simpler things to write about and even easier to relate to as a listener. Josh Groban and Jennifer Nettles share a powerful performance of the love ballad “99 Years.”

Josh Groban is well known for having a powerful singing voice. He sings uplifting songs that make you feel good about your life. When joined by Jennifer Nettles for this song, there’s no shortage of talent coming out of these two.

The lyrics center around the relationship between one man and one woman. Some of the famous lines include, “Will we look back down on 99 years of a wonderful life? Where we laughed till we cried, and our love grew stronger with every fight.”

Groban’s parents’ marriage inspired the song. Having been together for over 50 years, they’re quite an inspiration. We hope everyone gets to experience the love Josh and Jennifer sing about in “99 Years.”