A surprise FaceTime call from Dick Van Dyke, Norman Lear, and Mel Brooks!

It is rare to see legends together in the same room, but that is precisely what happened one day when Dick Van Dyke, Norman Lear, and Mel Brooks enjoyed food together.

While sitting around the room together, the guys decide to Facetime Richard Kind. He is shocked to receive the call. When he first sees Dick Van Dyke, he looks at the camera, and Dick says, “Hi, Dick van Dyke, Presbyterian.”

This draws a big laugh from everyone in the room, along with Richard on Facetime. Richard yells in excitement through the phone, “Oh, I can’t believe it! I can’t believe technology!”

Norman Lear is holding the phone as Mel Brooks laughs right beside him. Another man tells Norman to pose with the phone for a picture of all of them together.

Norman holds it up and smiles as Mel laughs at them. Dick Van Dyke leans into the picture. They all chuckle together in this heartwarming video clip of entertainment’s best men.

Dick Van Dyke has enjoyed seven decades of success and awards as an actor. Norman Lear is an awarded producer behind over 100 shows, including ‘All in the Family,’ ‘Sanford and Son,’ and ‘Good Times.’

Mel Brooks has enjoyed an amazing career as an actor, comedian, and filmmaker. He’s one of only 18 people to win an ‘EGOT,’ which is an Emmy, Grammy, Academy Award, and Tony Award. The great legends share a fun Facetime moment with Richard Kind, an actor and comedian known for voicing many animated films, including ‘Cars,’ ‘A Bug’s Life,’ ‘Toy Story,’ and ‘Inside Out.’

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A surprise FaceTime call from Dick Van Dyke, Norman Lear, and Mel Brooks!