Susan Boyle Suddenly Walks in for a Surprise Duet to Sing “Memory” From “Cats”

The faces of the judges on Britain’s Got Talent, when Susan Boyle stepped out onto the stage, will forever be in my memory. They looked at her with ridicule until she opened her mouth, and out came an amazingly beautiful voice.

Now Susan delivers another stunning performance, but this time she has a unique singing partner. This magical video brings two brilliant female voices together in one incredible duet.

Susan Boyle sings "Cats"

Susan Boyle has an excellent voice capable of reaching exquisite high notes with perfection. When she’s paired with Barbra Streisand’s velvety smooth execution, the two of them are untouchable and incomparable.

As the song ends the morphing from one talented singer to the other speeds up and it seems as if the two must be on one stage together. The background soundtrack of the big band has been handled flawlessly.

Susan has come a long way, yet she’s still the same and that’s why we love her. She is stunning, gifted, special and I congratulate her from the heart.

If this magical duet delighted you as much as it did me, share Susan’s video with your friends because talent like this is rare. Twice the talent — rarer still.

Susan Boyle Suddenly Walks in for a Surprise Duet to Sing \