This Sweet Baby Finally Gets To Sleep! When the Family Dog Looks For a Pillow? Haha Hysterical!

Some of the cutest pictures ever include dogs sleeping with people. My favorite one of me is when I’m on a futon at a relative’s house and my dog is asleep right around my head level. It’s adorable. The shared connection is amazing. This can extend to babies and pets too. We see that in action with this puppy and baby.

The video starts with a young baby girl fast asleep on a blanket on the floor. That’s the thing about babies. They can do things like fall asleep on the floor and be fine. If I fall asleep on the floor, my body hurts for two days after that. There’s a puppy near the baby and he wants to sleep near her. He inches his body closer and closer to her until he figures out that he can use her head as a pillow of sorts. Aww.

This is sweet because the puppy has already started to bond with the baby. He wants to spend as much time with her. This is not a new phenomenon. My female cat loves resting her head on my head when I’m sleeping sometimes. At first it was disconcerting, but now I’m used to it. The only drawback is that her breath stinks sometimes. This moment may lead to more like it over the years.

Some people in the comments section of the YouTube video did correctly point out that as cute as this picture is, there are a couple of things to worry about with this set-up. The first is that this is a puppy. It has no idea of what it can do to accidentally hurt the baby or worse. It’s barely in control of its own body. Secondly, the leash is WAY too close to the baby’s head for comfort. That’s a possible tragedy waiting to happen. Sorry to spoil any cute moments, but common sense needs to prevail in all cases.

Aside from those two concerns, I loved the video. How about you? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below!

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