This Sweet Baby Penguin Can’t Stop His Laughter When His Zookeeper Tickles Him! So Cute!

When it comes to animals, we just love them all. We just adore them and want to learn as much as we can about them. Due to our love of animals and our attempt to learn as much as we can about them we have gone online to watch as many animal videos we can to find out as much as we can.

Online the number of animal videos is absolutely endless. There is a video for just about everything you can think of, including this amazing gem that we found of a little baby penguin named Cookie. We promise you that when you meet Cookie your heart will just melt into a giant puddle on the floor, he’s just that cute and what he does is incredible.

Cookie is a little penguin who was born at and lives at the Cincinnati Zoo in Cincinnati, Ohio. Cookie, while he is adorable, has a condition called bumble foot. This condition requires him to work with the zookeepers and he also has to wear special socks to help correct his feet. Because he has to have daily sock changes he spends a lot of time with the zookeepers and that is where they realized that Cookie laughs.

Not only does Cookie know how to laugh but it’s one of his favorite things to do. So his zookeepers decided that they were on a mission to capture the adorable water birds laugh on tape and that is when they found out that Cookie is ticklish. So now whenever Cookie goes with his zookeeper to get his socks changed he also gets a good round of tickling so that they are able to hear his precious, adorable laugh.

This is one little bird who is destined to have a happy, fun filled life just full of laughter, his! So sweet to hear!

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