Syntropic Paradise, Off-The-Grid Living Doesn’t Get Better

It’s the perfect self-sustaining blend of off-the-grid living, agriculture, and sheer natural splendor. This couple use the Brazilian system of syntropic to live in a New South Wales Forest.

This off-the-grid tiny house truly returns on to simplicity. The build situated in the gorgeous sub-tropical Northern Rivers of New South Wales is constructed on wheels amidst beautiful syntropic, regenerative food forest gardens.

Their whole tiny house build and its paradise-like gardens are synergistic and harness free energy from the sun. There’s no pollution, ample water (a whopping 10,000 liters), and an outdoor living space like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Growing all their own food and living in a natural wonderland called home, this amazing tiny house and the couple who built it are truly inspiring. From design to practical functionality, it is something Anthony & Kirra can be proud of.

Syntropic Paradise, Off-The-Grid Living Doesn\'t Get Better