He Was Taking Photos In The Wild. But Keep A Very Close Eye On The Gorilla Family. LOL!

John and his friends, all keen photographers and amateur naturalists, were with a wildlife guide on a two week long expedition through Uganda. A trip of a lifetime! It sure turned out to be, thanks to some inquisitive friends who felt that one of our intrepid explorers could do with a bit of sprucing up!

They were hoping to find and observe some Mountain Gorillas on their journey. But we doubt that they had ever imagined that they would get to experience such a close and intimate encounter with a troop of these wild and sometimes misunderstood primates!

The encounter happened at a popular Gorilla Safari Camp in Bwindi, Uganda. This important camp is protected by the Uganda Wildlife Authority. Having met its residents we can only say “long may the protection stay in place!”

We hadn’t realise this, but Bwindi is actually home to nearly half of the world’s population of endangered Mountain Gorillas!

John had his heart set on getting a picture from any distance, but when a giant Silverback and his family of tiny gorillas saw him, things took a different and exciting turn. John stayed frozen while the gorillas started examining him. Unfortunately for John he wasn’t able to see them as they were sat behind him! But at least he experienced their gentle furry hands (and saw the video)!

Soon the man was blessed beyond imaginings in being completely surrounded by primates on all sides (except the front!) and they even started grooming him as if he was one of their own. Can you even imagine how he must have felt at that moment? What a beautiful experience!

Watch this unbelievable moment in the video below! Did you enjoy watching it? Let us know how jealous you are in the comments!

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