Elementary School Teachers’ “12 Days of Christmas” Has the Internet Roaring With Laughter

Teachers SingThe teachers at Lakenheath elementary school decided to perform a mash-up version of the classic Christmas carol, “The Twelve Days of Christmas”.

Luckily it was caught on camera and the posted video clip has gone viral. The light-hearted parody shows twelve educators dressed in their festive finery, lined up in the school gym in front of all their students. One by one they deliver their comical lines, while the children laugh and cheer to show their appreciation.

Teachers SingingWhen you are just a little child, Christmas is an extra special time of year. They can look forward to receiving gifts, family fun and feasting, and the winter holiday break to spend with their friends.

For the teachers at school, this can be a restless time of year in the classroom. The children have lost their focus as they count down the days to Christmas! Smart educators channel the activities towards the festive season, using it as a teaching opportunity. They harness some much-loved Christmas carols for productive activities like singing, dancing, and the performing of nativity plays.

It is also an opportunity for educators to reinforce important social values like giving and caring about those less fortunate than yourself.

These devoted people do so much through the year to make education a pleasant and positive experience for each child, so give them a little love and share their video with friends and family.

Extremely funny! I wish I could give them more likes than one. Way to go, teachers!

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